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Social Security Benefits, State Disability Benefits, Disability Insurance; It seems that getting help has been made confusing on purpose.  We know the difficulty many have struggled with to get the help they need.  Our goal is to assist you with the information and contacts so you can get the disability benefits you need now.  Living with a disability is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to fight red tape too.

Check out or Disability & Benefit Information Center to learn more about how to obtain Social Security Disability and other forms of Disability Benefits.

Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone.

— Martina Navratilova

Disability & Benefits Information Center

Social Security Disability Benefits Information

If you have worked and paid into Soc. Sec. and are now disabled and reasonably unable to work, you might qualify for disability benefits. These federal benefits pay you a portion of your average monthly earnings, over the life of your work history, each month as long as you are disabled. There are some common questions for people looking for information on disability benefits:


Social Security Retirement Benefits Information

Every paycheck you get has a line where they take out Soc. Sec. withholding taxes and you have been paying your share into Soc. Sec. But when it comes time to retire, do you really know what your benefits will be? Do you understand how Soc. Sec. works? Most have questions and we have put together information on the most common ones we are asked about:


Disability Insurance Information

Beyond Soc. Sec. disability benefits, what can you do if you are disabled and unable to work? There are several options and one of the most common is disability insurance. Besides foreseeable dangers in your job there there are a lot of things that can happen and keep you from working. Disability insurance is one precaution you can take to protect yourself if that happens. Here are some things to thing about when considering disability insurance.


Social Security Survivors Benefits

When a person passes away families and dependents are left to pick up the pieces. While no one wants to think about money at such a time, life must still go on. Especially if the deceased is the breadwinner of the family their survivors will be looking for ways to continue on financially. Soc. Sec. survivor benefits are one thing that families can look to for help. If you are trying to find more information or just finding out about this avenue, here are some answers that might help you.


Latest Benefits & Soc. Sec. News


  • theft

    Thousands of Social Security Beneficiaries Victims of Identity Theft and Fraud

    According to CBS, thousands of Social Security beneficiaries have become victims of identity theft and fraud, after thieves hacked their accounts and redirected their Social Security payments. The thieves have reportedly stolen millions of dollars in benefits. This scam happens when con artists gather enough personal information about someone, to open a Social Security online

  • social-security-garnished

    Social Security Checks Garnished to Pay Back Student Loans

    An increasing number of retirees are finding that a portion of their Social Security benefits are being taken by the government and applied towards their unpaid student loan debt. In 2013, an estimated 156,000 Americans had their Social Security payments taken and applied towards student loans that they had defaulted on, according to analysis done

  • social_surity_office_lines

    Budget Cuts Resulting in Long Waiting Times at SSA Offices

    Those who are planning to use a local Social Security field office, should brace themselves for a long wait. According to a recent audit of the SSA, budget cuts to the Social Security Administration have resulted in the closure of dozens local SSA field offices and reduced operating hours. Managers of local Social Security offices

  • chad-stone

    Social Security Disability Benefits Are Not “Out of Control”

    Despite reports that disability benefits are out of control, things may not be as desperate as they seem. While it’s true that disability insurance claimants are on the rise; according to Chad Stone, chief economist at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, this increase can largely be attributed to the fact that demographic factors

  • delay-retirement

    Delaying Social Security Retirement Makes Financial Sense for Many Retirees

    While it’s no secret that delaying Social Security retirement until 70 offers higher monthly returns, few people are aware at just how high those returns can be. According to Larry Hungerford, Special Correspondent for the Winston-Salem Journal, waiting to collect Social Security offers considerable financial returns. Retirees who can afford to hold out until age

  • calculator

    The Best Social Security Calculators

    No one should have to guess when it comes to important retirement decisions. Choosing the best strategy for claiming Social Security retirement benefits is an important decision that nearly every retiree will face. So how can you choose when, and how, to best claim Social Security retirement? Fortunately, there are Social Security calculators out there